Our Services

Weekly Bug Monitoring

Bugs are a constant problem in Southwest Florida, and when it comes to landscape maintenance services, you need experts that know how to deal with these challenging critters.  Cinch, Mealy, Scale, and Grub bugs, are a few of the biggest threats to maintaining a healthy and beautiful lawn and garden. Fortune’s Lawn Care Services can make sure that your lawn is healthy and landscaped to help keep these aggravating insects away. We help do this by…

Mulching & Fertilizer

Mulch helps to enhance gardens by not only helping them to look beautiful, but to help stop soil from washing away, prevent weed growth, keep moisture locked in and be a source of nutrients for the plant life around it. Proper, and regular fertilization of the plants in your gardens is essential for not only their appearance, but for their overall health, year round.

Monthly Maintenance

Fortune’s Landscape Services has been in business for 14 years in Marco Island. We’re experts when it comes to knowing what it takes to keep your lawn looking healthy and beautiful. Monthly maintenance is essential in ensuring a lush and green lawn. Call us today for a FREE ESTIMATE. After an on-site inspection of your lawn, we will come up with a program that is tailored to suit your lawns needs. With various weekly and monthly programs, we’re sure we can find the perfect one for you.


Mowing & Edging

Regular lawn care that includes professional mowing and edging is essential to ensure a healthy lawn. With each mowing we will trim around all buildings and other obstacles within the area. All miscellaneous debris resulting from our service will be removed from the grass areas prior to our departure. Excess grass will be raked or bagged as needed to maintain a neat appearance. To finish the job right, we will edge all sidewalks driveways and curbs.

Weeding & Blowoff

To get a lawn with lush grass and beautiful flowers, you need our weed control experts. Often, it is difficult to tell that weeds are growing through your grass. When you finally realize, the weeds have taken over. Weed overgrowth can easily be contained with the right lawn treatments and maintenance. Weeding can be a messy job. We ensure that we will clean up our mess by blowing and cleaning up after ourselves. Call us today to find out how we can make your lawn a weedless one.

Annual Flowers

Annual flowers, flowering plants and shrubs, and flowering trees can provide years of color and curb appeal to your property. Fortune’s Landscape Services knows and understands all of the varying species in Southwest Florida and can help make recommendations that are suitable to your taste. We live in a tropical paradise and want to help reflect that in your yard and gardens.